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Our Communications activities have three primary goals:

  • Educating the public about the value of financial planning
  • Establishing the FPA of Silicon Valley chapter as the voice of financial planning locally
  • Providing important information on the FPASV to our chapter members and the community

We further these goals through:

  • The promotion of financial planning and the FPA association to the community and to our chapter via the website and outgoing email blasts
  • Providing information to the public online in order to help them understand reasons to engage in the financial planning process
  • Promoting Pro-Bono and other activities within our community (FPASV members and general population).
  • Enabling the board to function in a more streamlined process via the web for the management of the FPASV
  • Using communications to foster and increase the feeling of a community among the chapter members.
  • Effectively reaching chapter members who do not attend chapter meetings, through these alternate forms of communication

Get Involved

You are invited to participate in this lively group.  You can play an ongoing role or participate in a very limited manner.  All are welcome.  Please inquire with Ariadne Horstman at (650) 387-5982 or email


The Communications group meets from time to time on an as-needed basis to coordinate activities.

Current Members

Ariadne Horstman CFP® (Chair)

David Meyer (Content Review and Process)
Sharon Lacy (Website Posting) 
Kerby Woo (Content Review)